Our Camp offers both private and community accommodations. All guests are assigned private quarters for sleeping, dining and quiet time. During their visit, guests are free to socialize with our staff and other guests and participate in group activities and use of the community center. Before returning home, our canine guests receive a complimentary bath and pedicure.

Our community center includes a free snack bar consisting of Hooves (both smoked and natural), tug toys, balls, squeak toys and compressed rawhide.

Our community activities include: Fetching, Frisbee, Running, and water activities(during the warmer months)

For those of our guests who prefer not to participate in the normal activities but, spend time alone (or one on one), we can happily oblige.


Most of our feline guests come to enjoy the private relaxation Camp 4 Paws provides. Each guest is assigned a private condominium which includes use of the activities room.

Our feline activities room has several climbing stations for the athletically inclined, An aquarium for oceanic observation, and a large window for wildlife viewing and sunbathing.

VIP Services

In addition to our regular services you may choose from the following specialized activity sessions for your pet. Our VIP services are offered for an additional fee.

  1. Ball games: a thirty minute session with one of our staff playing fetch, Frisbee or soccer.
  2. Swimming (summer months only) in a four foot pool with our staff.
  3. Nature Hike – a one hour hike through field and wooded area.
  4. Agility field – a thirty minute session on our agility field.
  5. DOGSTERS ice cream treats. An all natural, low calorie treat the dogs (and cats) absolutely love.

All packages include:

  • Round trip transportation to and from your home
  • Meals – we carry several different brands of dry food. If your pet requires special meals, you are welcome to send it with them.
  • Lodging – all guests are assigned private quarters. Quarters come equipped with bedding and toys.