How often do the dogs go outside?

We have inside and outside play areas, so we are in and out all day long. If a dog needs to go to the bathroom, they normally go to the door and let us know just as they would at home.

How often do they play?

As much as they want.

How often are the dogs kenneled?

Not very much. Everyone is assigned a kennel. They eat in their kennels so that everyone eats their own food, and they eat at their own pace. Some of the dogs sleep in their kennels.

What determines who sleeps in the kennels?

Whether or not they sleep. Young dogs or very active dogs sleep in their kennels so they go to sleep at night. Senior and more relaxed dogs sleep on the beds in the tv room.

What do you feed the dogs?

We feed whatever the dog eats when they are at home.

Why do the dogs have to ride in crates in the van?

For safety.

Do you have air conditioning?


Why do we need an appointment to come visit?

Our guests are out of the kennels all day. For the safety of both you and the dogs, they must
be kenneled when someone is on the property. Therefore we require you make an
appointment before coming out.

Why is my dog thirsty when it gets home?

When your pet is loaded in the van for the return home they become very excited. When they arrive home they are very excited to see you. (Dogs do not have a sense of time so that he would be just as happy to see you if you left him 5 minutes or 5 days.) Do not feed him (though he will act hungry once he gets back on his familiar turf) for at least 3 hours, and then be very careful not to overfeed him. Also, excitement will cause your pet to pant a lot, lose body water and be thirsty. Give him a few ice cubes to tide him over until feeding time. Again, in his excited state, excessive food and water consumption can create problems.
**If you have not already done so, please read the PSCA Pamphlet “Boarding your dog”