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If using Pet Bookings: current clients can just book new clients need to fill out boarding forms and email prior to making a reservation.

New client instructions: Fill out boarding form and email to me with a copy of current vaccinations. They can include requested dates on that email or use pet bookings once I have the forms.

We do not board: Giant breed dogs
Intact dogs over 1 year (pets that have not been spayed/neutered)
Dogs with a history of fence jumping or yard escapes
Dogs with aggression toward other animals or people

What to send with your pet: (this could go on FAQ or where ever you think would be a good location)
We stock Science Diet, Purina Lamb & Rice, Iams (green bag) and Eukanuba .
We have blankets/bedding, toys and treats

If you do not feed a brand we stock, please send food with your pet and any medicine needed
You are welcome to send blankets from home, but please do not send big dog beds.
We have toys and treats, but you are welcome to send what your pet likes.

Overnight boarding is as space is available. We do not normally have available space during holidays and school breaks.

Reservations are required and we recommend holiday reservations are made a few weeks in advance to ensure your space.

One option is to download and print your application by clicking the Print boarding form  icon to the right. Once completed, the application must be submitted using one of the following methods:

  • Scan and Email:
  • Mail: Camp 4 Paws, 4799 Stage Road, Memphis, TN 38128
  • Fax: 901-372-9784
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Boarding Form